A Little Photo Size Tip

Since I am posting a pie recipe tomorrow as part of Crazy Cooking Challenge, I am not posting a sweets recipe today.  I thought that I would take advantage of that to post a little photo size tip that I came across quite by accident.

When you add a photo to the blogger interface you have the choice of small, medium, large, extra-large and original-size for photo sizes.  I have been posting my photos in the large size as the extra-large size is too big for the center column of my template.  So that size looks like this.

Some of you may have noticed that my photos have gotten a little larger and now look like this.

I usually size my photos to 550 wide using picmonkey.  One day after I had uploaded a photo from my computer, I clicked original size by accident and the above size photo is what came up.  Now I use original size as the size for my photos and get a bigger photo to post without having to figure out how to make a bigger photo using HTML, which I know nothing about.
I usually use LiveWriter to write my posts, and I have found that this little trick does not work if you add the photos to it and then upload the whole post.  The photos must be posted from your computer into the blogger post interface.
Anyway, just thought I would share this little bit of knowledge for what it is worth.  Hope it helps someone.
Stop by tomorrow for a yummy apple/pear pie recipe.