Anatomy Of A Gala

This past weekend, I attended my first Gala with my boyfriend - It was for a local hospital and the theme was 'The Holly and the Ivy' - basically a celebration of Christmas and the Holidays.  I've wanted to go "all out" for this Gala so I got a fabulous dress, a killer pair of shoes, got my hair and makeup done and felt like a true Disney princess!  Here's what it takes to go Glam:

Melanie Lynn is my favourite place to buy dresses for events - they usually always have some amazing sale prices and the quality of the dresses are amazing - I wish  had taken a full length picture of this dress, but I wanted to show the deatils of the flower and the gorgeous colour (a true royal purple/blue shade) - basically the dress is floor length and has a slight mermaid flair at the bottom - I felt like I was going to the Oscars in this dress!!!

Have you ever felt that a pair of shoes were created just for you?  I picked out this 'killer' pair of shoes at Nine West (hands down my favourite shoe store).  I love the sparkle and elegance of this shoe and the silver heel adds that extra element of glam!  I felt like Cinderella is these shoes, as if they were my own personal glass slipper!!!

If you have that amazing dress and pair of shoes - your hair and makeup need to be uber fabulous as well - I originally wanted a full updo, but the stylist recommened a 'side do' to balance out the flower on the dress - I liked the hair as soon as she was done, but once I put on that dress and had my makeup done, I felt even more special - this hair style really complimented my glam look on every level!

I could totally get used to the glamed-up Gala lifestyle - everything from the pampering to getting a new dress and accessories, its all about feeling 'extra' special - Its almost as if you get to be Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy for a day! I felt like a modern day princess and I loved every minute of it!!!