Birthday Dinner

You guys probably know two things about me: I often ask you to make decisions and I like to prepare my own birthday meal.  Alright, you might know more about me than just that.  You know how much I love butter, and chocolate, and bacon, and running marathons.  Oh you didn't know that last part?  I try not to brag but I've ran 17 of them.  18.  No, 19.  I'm actually running one right now as I'm typing this because I am WAY MORE talented than that stupid iPhone woman.
Anyway.  What should I make for my birthday dinner?  It's still a month away.  Oh, and if you want to buy me a present, I would like this white truffle oil please.

Or a new running costume.  Ok back to the dinner.  Please vote...  
Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon 

Chicken Pot Pie

Lobster Mac & Cheese

(photo, photo, photo, photo)