Burrito Bowls

I still go to [email protected] Uptown from time to time for lunch because I like the food. Besides they serve very good coffee. 
On a recent visit, I noted that the menu has been revamped (and so have the prices).

The beef burritos have gone up by RM2.00, lamb by RM3.00 and chicken by RM2.00. There is an option to add extra protein and I understood why. The beef burritos I ordered contained more rice compared to beef, unlike before. Not a good sign.

There are two new items which are the Burrito Bowls and Tostadas. They have also introduced vegetarian versions for all the items.

I decided to try the beef burrito bowl.

It was filled to the brim and served in a paper bowl. It would have been better if a proper bowl was used but then, it would need to be washed and there is always a risk of breakage. 

There was rice at the bottom and it was quite soggy. I don't like rice cooked like this.

There were black beans and spicy cauliflower too. Between burritos and burrito bowls, burrito is more filling. 

Another time, I tried the Tostadas. Since the minimum order is 2 tostadas, I had one chicken and one beef. I'm afraid the filling was barely warm when served though the flavors were good.

It was a bit messy to eat and towards the end I had to use the teaspoon that came with my coffee.

Then I tried the chicken burrito bowl which was not as loaded as the beef burrito bowl. The rice was nicely cooked with separated grains.

Although it was delicious, it was not filling. The portion size is too small. I could down another bowl heh..heh...
The food is getting pricier and there is lack of consistency in the food presentation. It depends who is at the cooking station. There was one weekend when the burrito came beautifully toasted and I enjoyed it to the max. If only it's like that all the time.