Chanel Suzanne Lipstick #428

I was at the mall the other day and decided to stop by the Chanel counter.  The makeup artist working there had the most beautiful makeup on her face.  It was so elegant and harmonious.  I couldn't help but ask her what lipstick and blush she was wearing.  She told me she was wearing the 428 Suzanne lipstick and Innocence blush.  Since she and I had similar skin tones, she had warm-yellow undertones, I ask if I could try on both shades.  I loved the colours, but walked away because the last thing I needed was another lipstick.  However, before I could leave the department store, two different women complimented me on my lipstick (and no, they didn't work for Chanel lol).  I of course took that as a sign that this lipstick was meant to be mine and returned to the counter to purchase the lipstick.  I'm really happy that I did:

Suzanne was described on many websites as a 'Rosewood' shade.  I would call it a plumesque rosewood shade.  It seems neutral in tone, but my lips are naturally pigmented to lean plum-brown, so the plum seems to pop out more.  In fact, one of the compliments that I got at the store was: "What a pretty berry lipstick, what shade is that?".  I really like that this colour morphs depending on your makeup and what palette you are wearing.  Yesterday, I was wearing warm tones and Suzanne complemented the palette very nicely.  Today, I went more neutral-cool because of the clothes/outfit I had picked out and everything harmonizes so well.  I started this look with my golden base foundation/concealer by Revlon.  I picked NARS Oasis blush because its a rosy-gold shade.  For my eyes, I blended MAC Club eyeshadow onto the lid and Arena eyeshadow into the crease.  I'm really liking the versatility of this look :)