Chanel Venise Lipstick

Bois Des Iles used to be my all time go-to Chanel lipstick, but sadly, it has been discontinued.  However, today I had the opportunity to go to the Chanel counter at a local department store.  The Chanel makeup artist there was amazing and spent some time with me trying to find a suitable alternate to Bois Des Iles - at first it seemed that there wasn't a comparible shade, until we both stumbled upon 'Venise' - Venise is such an amazing and interesting shade, because in the tube, it looks like a slightly deeper version of Bois Des Iles without the pearl/shimmer.  Interestingly enough, it is quite close as a colour shade, but its also one of those amazing lipsticks that is buildable - a quick, sheer swipe and you have the most delicate berry stain, a swipe or two more and all of a sudden, you have a rich, deep brownish-red - I was so impressed with Venise as a lipstick, that I have to admit that I may even like it 'better' than Bois Des Iles!!!  I wanted to create a look using Venise and Chanel's Rose Cuivre Lip Liner - I decided to do a soft, natural eye to play up the magnificence of this lipstick shade:

To create this look, I used very soft, delicate shades on my face - I started with NARS St. Moritz tinted moisturizer, used MAC NC 30 concealer, and a light dusting of translucent powder.  I then applied Tawny blush by Bobbi Brown as a contour shade (this is my absolute favourite contour shade in the world), Elizabeth Arden Sparkling eyeshadow as a highlight and Melba blush by MAC.  For my eyes, I used EA sparking as a highlight/base shade, MAC Coquette shadow from the lid into the crease, lined my eyes with Coffee eyeliner by MAC and smudged the upper lashline with NARS Bengali before applying mascara.  I then did a quick swipe of Rose Cuivre lip pencil and applied Venise lipstick by Chanel.
I have to say that I've never felt so connected to a lipstick after applying this shade - its an interesting feeling and I almost feel as if I have found the 'one' - that signature shade that every woman dreams to have in her makeup bag!  Could it be???  Is my search for the perfect lipstick shade finally over???