Yesterday, I posted HERE about Christmas Day dinner...
Texas tamalesSo today I thought I'd share our Christmas Eve dinner.  This is sort of a Christmas Eve tradition for us, tradition at least from the last few years.  In Texas, tamales are hugely popular at the holidays and so we've adapted that into our tradition.  Occasionally we'll have beans and rice with it but this year we just had the tamales (saving room for Christmas Day, LOL!).
Christmas Eve tamalesWe like to cover them with red and green salsa (Christmas colors!).  Now before you ask, we didn't make these tamales (though both of the salsas are homemade).  No, these were homemade by one of our dear friends who has actually promised to have us over sometime in January to help her and her mother make another batch.
Who knows, hopefully next year, they WILL be homemade!

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