Connecting Palettes, Art An Makeup!!!

Sometimes it an be difficult to blend various palette colours.  You can have a whole range of colours sitting in front of you and it can be confusing to pick the perfect shadows and liners to blend together.  This morning I got out some of my favourite warm-neutral shades and instead of looking at those shades as 'makeup', I saw them as an artists palette - I think part of me was inspired by my Renoir a-ha moment, but another part of me has decided to embrace being a makeup artist in a whole new way -- I'm embracing the power of a palette!!!  After picking out my palette shades, I decided to mix and blend my way to this look and this was what I 'created':

I started with my concealer and tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone - once the fall comes around, I'll probably add a bronzer into my palette!  I first picked out my eye palette - I used a blend of MAC Soba, Sketch and Sable on my eyes.  I used Teddy eyeliner and then blended Sketch into the liner also.  I used MAC Trace Gold and NARS Oasis as blush and then blended two different shades on my lips - MAC Retro and Plink!!!  I'm really enjoying the process of discovering the power of using my own palette.  I think a part of me has 'always' done this in a way as a makeup artist, but I have now tapped into a new appreciation of an artists palette.  The connection between painting, art, palettes, makeup is very deep and interconnected.  Add your personal energy into the mix and its like you've tapped into a new way of doing your makeup every morning - you become your own walking, living, breathing Renoir - how awesome is that!!! :)