Dark Eldar: Raiders Of The Imperium

There's a ton of stuff about Dark Eldar out there. More than any one person could keep track of. Here are a few things from FTW Blogger Group members that might help you with getting to grips with the new Dark Eldar.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to field them or defeat them in combat, from modeling to painting, there's bound to be something here to help.

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Modeling and Painting:
Conversion: Archon model by paint and plastic soldiers
Conversion: Haemonculus by Bolters N' Beer
Conversion: Pain Tokens by Terran Forge
Conversion: Scourges by Spikey Bits
Conversion: Scourge by Blog Kouzes
Conversion: Venom model by The Anarchy of Anton
Conversion: Webway portal by Ron (FTW)
Conversion: Wrack by Bolters N' Beer
Conversion: For units without models by 3++ is the new black
Modeling: Raider by Dark Future Gaming

Painting: Warrior/Quick tabletop results by Dave Taylor
Painting: Warrior by The Painting Shop
Painting: Warrior by The Anarchy of Anton
Painting: Wyches (focus on pale skin) by Dave Taylor

Reviews and Gaming:
Dark Eldar: models good and bad? by Ron (FTW)
A comprehensive look at the army by 122nd Cadian
Unit playtesting by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Unit comparisons by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Creating an army by DSM Pontifications
Creating an army by HERO'S Gaming Blog
List building thoughts by HERO'S Gaming Blog
How good are DE compared to others by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Dark Eldar vs the metagame by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Must take units by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Dealing with them using Chaos by World Eaters 8th Stormcompany
The Glass Cannon army by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Troop Choices by HERO'S Gaming Blog

Archon by Quarantine World
Asdrubal Vect by HERO'S Gaming Blog
Blast pistols review by 3++ is the new black
Fast Attack options by Quarantine World
Grotesques by Quarantine World
Haemonculus by Quarantine World
Harlequins by Quarantine World
Hellions by Hephesto's Forge
Incubi by Quaranine World
Mandrakes by Hephesto's Forge
Mandrakes by Quarantine World
Succubus by Quarantine World
Talos, is it worth it by Quarantine World
Trueborns and Bloodbrides by Quarantine World
Venom analysis by 3++ is the new black
Warriors by Quarantine World
Wyches by Quarantine World

Bat Rep vs Vanilla Marines by HERO's Gaming Blog
Bat Rep Tournament results by HERO'S Gaming Blog

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