I know its been a while since I've posted something - things have been a bit hectic in my neck of the woods lately - A hot water pipe burst on the 6th floor of my apartment building.  I have a lot be grateful for because I'm on the 19th floor and there was no damage done to my place, but there were people hurt and some even rushed to hospital, others have major damage to their apartments and won't be able to move back for a while. I did have to evacuate my building for a few days and stay with my parents, but I am able to move back now - its been scary and really made me realize what's really important in life!!!  Nothing can replace family and true friends!!!

I recently came across this eyeliner at MAC called 'Earthline' and decided to get it -its a gorgeous 'greyish-taupe' shade, perfect for creating that neutral and natural look.  Lately, I've been inspired by all things 'preppy' and I'm loving anything nautical and New England inspired - the food, the clothes, the sea, the stone/taupe shades of the houses and cottages in New England - Earthline definitely has that stone/taupe edge to it.  Paired with copperlate eyeshadow, its ideal for everyday.  Pair this look with a soft pink blush and lipstick and put on a pair of pearl studs and you're ready for the perfect weekend garden party or sailing trip (I'm going to have to make New England my next vacation destination - be prepared for some upcoming preppy, New England inspired posts in the future).  Check out my new soft-taupe-grey look:

For this look I used Copperplate eyeshadow on my lid into my crease, Used Earthline to line my upper and lower lashliner and then smudged Copperplate into my upper lashline to create a slight smokey look for day.  I used Mocha blush my MAC and used Fig Lipliner (Estee Lauder) with Blonde Venus lipstick (NARS).  I'd love to hear your feedback about this look!