Great weekend.  
Got a lot done in the garden.  I started by clearing out the beds of the remains of Summer.  I didn't get pictures of all the beds before, but here are a few.

This was the tomato and jalapeño bed.  I pulled up the tomatoes and all that was left was the lone jalapeño.  What a bush, this one alone gave us dozens of jalapeños.  

Upon turning the soil in all the beds we planted in, we found nice, rich, dark soil.  Even a few worms (thinking of adding some worms next season).  I got all the beds cleaned up and soil turned.  Then it was time for planting.

In the tomato/pepper bed, I planted too more tomatoes, a beefmaster and a better boy.  The beefmaster has some yellowing leaves, it got pushed to the back of a group of plants I had and didn't get watered.  Oops!  I hope it bounces back.  Around them, I planted some buttercrunch bibb lettuce.  
There is more room for additional plants later in the season. 

In the old eggplant bed, I put in a yellow squash (bush type) and surrounded it by eight Chinese (Napa) cabbages.  

And this is where the okra plants were.  We decided to fill it with greens.  So we have kale, mustard greens, and collard greens.  
I also updated all the irrigation hoses and connections in each bed.  I'm finding the black portion of the hose is not lasting as long as I had hoped it would.  I'll just need to make sure we have some on hand.
Anyway, that's the garden update.  There is more space in another bed for more and there are some more vegetable that we can plant as it gets a bit cooler.
Lots of Fall veggies hopefully coming soon.

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