Up late last night, I had to make a short post today as I was falling asleep while trying to put even this one together, ha.  So, like we do in the Spring, here is a veggie update of the Fall garden:

This past weekend, when I planted the garlic, I had to check the veggies we have growing nearby and they are doing great.  Above is the bed of collard greens.  They have perked up and are putting on small new leaves. We should have some nice harvests of collards in a few more weeks.  
We hear they get better tasting after really cold weather?  Anyone ever heard of that?

Here is the Napa cabbage.  Also growing nicely and we're even starting to see some development in the center, where of course it will all come together and become the cabbage head.  When we grew these a couple of seasons ago, they were the most beautiful, store quality, heads of Napa cabbage, we'd ever seen. We are hoping for that again this year.
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