Fantasy Makeup

Today in my makeup course we have a lot of fun - playing around with makeup that has 'no rules'.  We started with 'runway/fashion' makeup and then moved to 'fantasy' makeup (where we could use any colour combinations, any colour 'anywhere' on the face, using lash glue to add various beads, pearls, features etc etc - the artistic possiblities are 'endless').  I decided that I wanted to do a look that was both shocking and aritstic, so I choose two bright primary shades - red and yellow- and played around with these shades on the face, adding pearl beads strategically placed on the face.  I wish that I had thought about the look even more, as I would have purchased a red wig and scarf for my model Suzie to wear. 

This is Suzie's Before photo:

And this is Suzie 'post' Fantasy:

Here is the Fantasy makeup that was created on me - the inspiration was Cleopatra/Romance:

FInally, here is a photo of some of the wonderful ladies in my class and our Fantasy inspired makeup:

I love how makeup can be so fun and liberating, especially when you're open to creating any look you want and playing around with any colour combination!!!  I love that makeup can be both natural and dramatic, soft yet bold and inspirating yet eye-catching!!!