'Flare' For Fashion

So part of my job is to see what other lupus organizations are doing in terms of education and awareness of this disease. I recently came across this in Facebook and wanted to share with you, as it's a pretty cool idea.

The Lupus Flare Foundation in Ontario, Canada is hosting its 3rd annual fund-raising event, 'Flare' for Fashion. Just what is 'Flare' for Fashion?

'Flare' for Fashion is an innovative and entertaining event that showcases the latest in fashion trends with famed fashion designers and fashion retail houses. The gala attracts celebrities along with Toronto's elite. Most importantly, it puts a face to a debilitating disease by sharing glimpses of heartfelt stories of people who live with lupus.

Simply put ... 'Flare' for Fashion is part contest, part fashion show and part public awareness campaign. Local fashion designers submit applications, which are then narrowed to a field of four contestants, by a judging panel. The final four contestants have photos and videos of their entries posted online, and the general public votes for their favorite design. The final 4 applicants are then invited to showcase their designs at 'Flare' for Fashion, where the winner is announced by David Dixon, a top fashion designer in Canada.

All monies raised from this event support the world-renowned University of Toronto Lupus Clinic. This facility provides not only ground-breaking research but also the best possible care and support for lupus patients and their families.

What a really interesting and fun way to raise money and awareness! We certainly wish them all the best for a successful event!

Until next time, Wick