For Those Who Voted True Autumn - Congratulations!!!

Wow, Wow, Wow - All I can say is that True Autumn is definitely a clear winner for me!!!  I kept this a secret, but I decided to get drapped again and was looking for someone who lived close by and had experience in the field of colour analysis and style.  Thats when I came into contact with Suzanne from 'Your Shop Girl' - her website instantly drew me in and when I learned that she traveled with her drapes to your home and then takes you out shopping to teach you how to use your new colour knowledge and how to accessorize and work with your personal style and shape - I had to jump on the opportunity.  In addition, her fee was both reasonable and great for someone who is looking to budget, but still wants to look and feel their best.  Here are a few photos from the draping:

The true autumn greens and teals turned out to be amazing and Suzanne mentioned that if she could only dress me in one colour it would be TA's warm teal shade.  I wanted to do a visual comparison between the SA green and TA green - check it out:

Suzanne noticed almost immediately that although the soft autumn shades were very nice, the true autumn shades were even 'nicer' - there is an element of warth and richness that the TA palette has and that I need vs the soft/muted quality of SA!

Compaing TA's warm coral peach shade to the SA soft peach, there just wasn't any comparison - the wamth from the TA coral peach was 'phenominal' against my skin - we both saw that many of the SA shades were just too muted for me - Suzanne kept on mentining that I needed that extra warmth - there is a lot of warmth and gold in my skin that gets 'hidden' with the SA palette!

Orange was a great shade - the light in this photo isn't the best, I wish you could have seen how amazing this orange is without the background light - It really made me look alive and fresh - the SA shades in comparison to this gave me a 'slight' tired look, the rich warmth of TA brought instant 'zip' and harmonized so well with my skintone!

This warm wine-red shade was one of my 'best' colours during the draping - Suzanne and I instantly loved this shade and compared to the winter true red, this won hands down!!!

The teal blue next to the soft autumn blue - teal is the winner - again, the angle is a bit wrong, my apartment is weird where lighting is concerned, but I think you can tell immediately, how the muted shade is 'blah' compared to the rich, warm teal!

The rich autumn eggplant (shown left in the photo) was one of my best colours during the draping - this is definitely going to be a great evening shade for me - here is the purple on its own without the soft drape:

I enjoyed my whole draping experience with Suzanne, but the fun didn't end there, we headed to the mall (which is luckily across the street from me)!  I learned so much from Suzanne, everything from how to accessorize using my colours, style and face shape, to how to look for complimentary colours in my palette to put together an outfit - I told Suzanne that she should really write a book, her information and experience is that valuable!!!  If you're in the Toronto area, definitely send Suzanne an e-mail and use her services: