Fuel Bowl

Ever since my first visit to Mich'[email protected] Uptown, I have been back a few times. I enjoy their Fuel Bowl (poke bowl by another name) and coffee.

On my latest visit, I was delighted to note that in addition to Maybank QRpay (which I am not keen on), they have added Boost as a payment alternative.

Between Boost and Favepay, I prefer Favepay because it charges direct to my credit card unlike Boost where I have to do top ups. But still, it is a convenience that I appreciate.

There were two occasions when I saw the owner (recognized her from social media sites) but she did not say hello nor offered a smile. Perhaps she is a very reserved person.

The second time that she was there, she was supervising her staff (who was prepping my meal) and I heard her sternly saying "more!", "more!". Which I believe resulted in my very loaded-to-the-brim Fuel Bowl. Yes, young lady. I like your generosity. Tak senyum pun tak apa.
I usually choose salad as my base but lately I have been a bit more relaxed with my carb intake. Besides, everything seems to taste better with rice.

Hence my next Fuel Bowl had brown rice as the base. 

The ingredients were fresh and I had me a very tasty Fuel Bowl that day. Though this place lacks warmth and congeniality,  it more than makes up for it with generous food portions.