Gabrielle No. 19 Lipstick - Happy Birthday Coco Chanel

Chanel's Gabrielle Lipstick has definitely caught my attention!!!  Have you ever heard that expression 'Everything happens for a reason!"?  Well, there is a 'very good' reason why I just had to go out today and purchase 'Gabrielle' Lipstick by Chanel.  I was at the mall earlier with my mom when I saw one of the makeup artists at Chanel wearing the most beautiful red lipstick.  I asked her what she was wearing and it was none other than Chanel's 'Gabrielle' - I walked away with a big 'sigh' reminding myself that I just decluttered my lipstick bag and that whole point of that was to stick to just a few shades and make a few of them my signatures.  I then went home to research a little more about the Gabrielle No.19 lipstick shade when I realized that the lipstick is named after Gabrielle and created for her birthday - August 19th.  I couldn't believe it - TODAY is August 19th - how could I not get the one lipstick that I've been adoring on the day and for the reason that it was actually created!!!  I decided that I had to make a choice - if I was going to bring 'Gabrielle' home with me, I would have to make room for this amazing colour by getting rid of another shade!  I'm sticking to my philosophy that a woman just needs a few signature shades.  Luckily red is one of them and luckily, I adore Chanel's makeup and skincare products.  I've decided that there was a REASON that I was lucky enough to get Gabrielle N0.19 lipstick on Chanel's actual birthday- Aug 19th!  I'm going to 'honour' this lipstick and pay tribute to Chanel's style, grace and elegance everytime I wear it - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABRIELLE!!!