Grandma's Fried Rice

This is the fried rice that my mum and auntie still rave about up till today. I don't remember grandma cooking this fried rice for me. Maybe it is because it is loaded with chillies.

Since I wanted very much to taste this fried rice, I had no choice (what else hah..hah..) but to cook it myself. The spice paste is the same as the spice paste used to make grandma's kerabu.
First thing I did was to toast the belacan. You must toast your belacan for that powerful belacan aroma. 

Toast it in a pan until it is dry and crumbly. The smell at this point is wonderful. Your neighbors will either get hungry or curse you for the pong.

The spice paste is made of belacan, dried shrimps (hae bee), shallots and chillies. 

I pounded the ingredients using my prized heirloom, the trusty lesung batu (mortar and pestle). The blended paste will not smell or taste as good if you used a blender. Serious.

Then this spice paste is sauteed in hot oil until fragrant. Just add rice and toss it around until it is evenly coated with the spice paste. Then simply add sliced cucumbers and it's all done and good to go.

And oh, if you want more oomph, add some pepper for the nice peppery aroma. I know, there's already chillies but adding pepper will take it to another level. Unless if you can't take the heat.

I heard that grandma also added kangkung or beansprouts. There is no need for any meat or prawns because this fried rice as it is, is already awesome. Of course you can choose to add meat and/or prawns to make it even more awesome. I topped mine with a fried egg for some protein hee..hee..

You know, a funny thing happened. As I was getting my phone ready to snap the above pics, my grandma's photo appeared on my photo slideshow. Those were the photos I snapped of her back in June, about a month before she passed away.

It was as if grandma was paying me a visit and asking me "lu cho hamik?" (what are you doing?). LOL! 

Well, after my first mouthful, I can say that it was worth the effort. No wonder my mum and auntie love this so much. Next time, I will add some chicken and prawns for a more luxurious fried rice. I am sure grandma would approve.

Grandma's Fried Rice
Recipe source : Phong Hong

Ingredients :
- 1 tablespoon of belacan, toasted till fragrant.
- 4 red chillies
- 5 shallots
- 2 tbsp dried shrimps, soaked to soften
- One big bowl of overnight rice (sorry, this is agak-agak. Enough for 2 persons but I walloped the whole lot in one sitting)
- some sliced cucumbers

Method :
1. Pound or blend the belacan, chillies, shallots and dried shrimps until fine.
2. Heat oil in a wok and saute the spice paste until fragrant.
3. Add rice and fry until the rice is well coated with the spice paste.
4. Add sliced cucumbers and give the rice a final stir.
5. Serve immediately.