How Realistic Is This $1527 Kitchen Remodel?

The yahoos at Apartment Therapy were crowing last week about a $1527 kitchen remodel that had been featured on the This Old House website .

Here's the before:

And right here's the after:

I actually have to mention it truly is quite a change. And talk about a bargain.

But now not so rapid. On the ultimate page of the seven web page story on This Old House's website, there is a cost breakdown and it reads like this:

Tore out the antique cabinets, salvaging the bases. $zeroCalled in a desire for help upgrading electric retailers. $0Replaced the ceiling fan and introduced assignment lighting. $300Patched the partitions and ceiling with new drywall. $207Built six pine cabinet boxes; added medium-density fiberboard doorways and drawers to all the cabinets. $two hundredResurfaced the laminate counter. $a hundred and fiftyUsed donated tiles for a brand new backsplash. $zeroUpgraded to new brushed nickel hardware. $170Built custom window arches and brought crown molding. $a hundredAdded a variety hood. $a hundred and fortyReplaced the faucet. $a hundred and tenBrightened the distance with 2 gallons of primer and 4 gallons of paint. $a hundred and fiftyTotal: $1,527They didn't pay for an electrician to rewire for new lights and a range hood. There's no mention of whether or not the hood vents to the outside or just recirculates. There's also no value assigned to the labor they put in. Granted, they still did everything on a shoestring, but this was not a weekend project and the home owners clearly had some building skills. Obviously too they didn't replace the appliances or the floor.

So in spite of the fact that they did do a incredible process, is the $1527 rate tag being bandied approximately even close to an accurate accounting? Is this tale and isolated incident or can humans realistically assume to recreate what they had finished right here for the beneath $2,000 being thrown around?

Is this $1527 upkeep reality or fantasy? What do you believe you studied?