IHeart: A Fantastic Fourth

Because my personal life tends to spill over and make major impacts to my organizing life, I thought I would share our little excitement from the weekend of the "Fantastic Fourth"!

Each and every single year we head out to my sister-in-law's home for their annual Fourth of July party, which they host not only for the love of the holiday, but also because it's their wedding anniversary!!  It's always a day of fun and endless socializing and activities, followed up by a great display of fireworks!

It's one of the only days of the year that the kiddos get to have a soda, can you see the excitement?

And tractor rides!

And even a giant bounce house obstacle course!

Yeah, it's a pretty big deal and a pretty fun tradition.  So this past Saturday, that's where we were headed, and once we arrived, the kiddos ran straight for that bounce house.

And about a half an hour later we were here....

Yep, little Parker jumped onto his brother.  And broke his leg....  He was persistent about returning to the bash to watch fireworks, so that's just what we did.

He got endless amounts of love and waited on for the rest of the evening.  He was totally mama's super trooper!

At the ER they put a temporary splint on his leg until the swelling went down:

I told him he needed to get lots and lots of rest....

When I asked him what he thought about being a couch potato for a couple of days... this was all I got....

Yep, totally sporting mis-matched PJ's.  It's the new trend.

We still managed to catch a couple of great firework shows this weekend!

And Parker got his new cast yesterday:

He has figured out the bottom scootch, however, is pretty terrified by crutches:

He just can't quite figure them out yet.

So that's all the excitement that has been happening around here.  Parker has been doing just great and we are letting it be a perfect excuse to get in some good snuggles.  And with three boys, we are surprised this is the first broken bone we have endured.  And probably not the last!

How was your Fantastic Fourth?  Any exciting stories to share?  How about annual traditions?  Did everyone else manage to stay out of the ER {I sure hope so!}