Inspired : Food Prep!

As you may have noticed, I have been eating out a lot lately, moving the economy at Damansara Uptown heh..heh... I have gotten lazy and have not been doing any food preps for myself.
I used to food prep here, here and here. And then I got tired of the routine and the food. So I ate out. But there is only so much you can eat from outside and I got tired of that too.
Lately, I noticed some restaurants have called it a day.
Go Street NoodleLambogi

Pudu Chan Fatt has been closed for many weeks now. Don't know if they are still in operation or changed business hours.Even the bakery Boite a Bijoux which was subsequently taken over by another bakery (can't remember the name) was not spared.

The bakery used to be beside Uncle JJ's which also appears to have closed.
Some have decided to move.

When I went looking for HK Boy Cart Noodle, this was what I found.

So it is time to cook lunch again. So what inspired me? I discovered a blog called Downshiftology from the blog's food prep videos that I stumbled upon.

I was so inspired by Lisa and I told myself that I really have to prepare my own meals again.

There you have it. I don't know how long I will keep this up.
Baked MeatballsRoasted Pork

Hard boiled eggs
Roasted French Beans. Do not attempt this. It was awful.
Sauteed Mushrooms. Yummeh!
Blanched broccoli. I have developed an aversion for roasted broccoli. Don't know why.Sliced cucumbers.It looks like a lot of food for one person. But it is meant for lunch and dinner for 4 days. We'll see how well I do and I hope to keep this up.