Every four years, our country goes through an election and then, usually, a peaceful transition of power.  This year things turned out differently of course and for a few hours, our democracy teetered on the brink of calamity.  But in the end democracy won and our transition is occurring. 

I'm a news fan, I love news, good, bad or in between.  There certainly has been enough bad, most of 2020 and now even the start of 2021.  Today is one of the biggest news days of the year as we celebrate change and that transfer of power.  Hopefully it's peaceful and a new direction for our Nation.  Politics aside, I think most would agree we need to heal this country and try to begin the process of bringing it back together.  We've been divided so deeply for so long.

Our first female VP!  And she's a woman of color!  The cabinet picks are amazing as well.  Such a great moment for all children to witness and realize that they too can grow up to be anything no matter their gender, race, identity, etc.  
Let's hope the next four years are much calmer than the last have been.  We wish them well!
God Bless the United States of America

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