Jennifer Squires' New Winter Series

Jennifer Squires, the great photographer I've written about before here, here, here, and here; is back with a new winter series.

Contemplative is a good phrase to desribe her new work. I live in a heat climate, and for the most component wintry weather is some thing I see on TV. That's now not a criticism. However, I grew up in a chilly climate and I consider wintry weather all too well. I continually hated being cold and admittedly, that is what led me to a lifestyles in Florida. The part of iciness that I never thought approximately when it changed into my truth turned into the quiet, contemplative nature of it.

Life here inside the land of limitless summer season in no way slows down. Since it is unwaveringly sunny and warm, there may be no compelling motive to tug returned the reins and curl up at the couch. In a true winter, lifestyles eases up and turns inward. Part of me misses that. Jennifer's winter series brings me back to that introspective time. There's a splendor on this severity, the orchard photographs mainly.

Jennifer's images does what all artwork does; it forces me to study an object or a scene and see what the artist sees. In so doing I get a investigate the thoughts of the artist and on the same time see a part of myself that I failed to see earlier than. Bravo!

Jennifer's photography can be found on her website, Jennifer Squires Productions,  and on her Etsy shop.