Let's Get Educated: The Lupus Foundation Of America

Hey everyone ...

I'm writing another entry today as I will be out of the office tomorrow. I'm heading to New Jersey this evening to spend some time with family. Looking forward to that as I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving.

And now to lupus news.

Our April 9, 2008 Webchat will feature Dr. Bevra Hahn. The topic will be "Ask the Doc: An Open Forum." What does that mean exactly? It means you can ask Dr. Hahn anything about lupus, as long as it's not patient-specific. Read more about the chat, and Dr Hahn, here.

We are redesigning the look & feel of our enewsletters. Our hope is to have them debut in April. We're pretty excited about this. As always, you can sign up to receive the free LFA enewsletters here.

And finally, I wanted to share still another LFA public service announcement (PSA) with you. Like the Sarah Chalke ("Scrubs") one, this one is also brand-new and features Donald Faison, who plays Dr. Christopher Turk on TV's "Scrubs." You may be wondering what his connection to lupus is. Randall Winston, a producer for "Scrubs," has a sister with lupus.

This new PSA is called Let's Get Educated: The Lupus Foundation of America. Take a look.

If interested, you are more than welcome to embed this PSA on your blog.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time, Wick

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