Letter To Santa, A Freebie And A Surprise Link Party!

The holiday countdown project that we began this year has been SO much fun for our family.  It really makes me wish we would have started this tradition years ago, but even more grateful that we will be creating blessed memories each year going forward.

So far we have made delicious hot cocoa, read holiday stories, built a snowman, watched a holiday movie with popcorn and had family game night.  On top of my husband traveling for work and life being as crazy busy as always, we are still making sure we squeeze in all of our activities.  I really adore that it is helping us slow down and appreciate really special moments with one another.

But enough mushy mush. 

Today we get to write a letter to Santa!  A tradition we do every year, but this year, I made a printable!  YAY!

{click here to download your FREE letter to Santa printable}
I am going to be spending time with the kids on their letters today.  When we are done, I will scan them in to share what interesting things they come up with, so stay tuned {you can check out how the kid's letters turned out over on our family blog here - also linked up below}!

I also thought it would be fun for everyone to link up their little ones letters to Santa.  I know I said no holiday linky parties, this was totally a spur of the moment thing because I just couldn't resist this one.  Something about the sweet and innocent thoughts of a kid during the holidays...  gets me every time!