Lockdown Day #1 : Makan What Today?

Not kimchi, thank God hah..hah... That was my (unhealthy but delish) brunch. I also had two pieces of bread which is not in the photo.
So how is it for you today? I mean those of you who are not in essential goods and services (how dare they say my services are not essential wahahaha!) and staying home. Good I hope. There is lots to do at home like finally cleaning your kitchen or whatever it is that you did not have time to do before.
Me? I am always happy happy when I am at home and I am actually looking forwards to these 14 days of bliss.
So. The other day I ate this after almost 30 years.

My first Maggi Mee experience was during primary school. My grandfather liked to try new stuff and one of them was instant noodles. I must say that among all that we tried, Maggi is the best to me. Maybe there are others better which I have yet to try.

hah..hah... Maggi Mee with my super delicious kimchi jigae. No need to add the Maggi seasoning. 

There's nothing like adding carbs to your soup. Gosh. I was super enjoying this.
Then today, I dug into my pantry and found this. Ah! I bought that from Hank's at Jaya Grocer.

So this happened.

I like this luncheon meat because not only does it taste good, it is not too salty. The sausages were in the freezer for a while and it was time to cook them.

Nyum! So good!

This is Belle Belle chilling out on top of daddy's car.

Since she is daddy's favorite girl, she wasn't chased off. 

She's been good and so far she has yet to jump on the sofa. Touch wood.