Low Carbing But Not Starving

It's been six weeks now since I started my low carb eating plan. These days we don't say diet because diet is a very tired word. 
So. Let's see what have I been surviving on.

Meatballs, cauliflower fried rice, tomatoes with some chimichurri and stir fried peashoots. It tasted alright.

Roasted pork loin, roasted tomatoes, roasted brocolli with bacon and cauliflower fried rice (again). Taste so so only.

To perk up my so so food, I made more chimichurri. I'm addicted to this stuff.

It transformed my plain tasting food from this....

....into this. Awesome. Chimichurri rocks I tell you.

The roasted peppers also helped to lift the taste of the cold chicken and vegetables.

It has been good so far, just that I get really busy on weekends doing my prep. But it's worth it. I can feel a difference. I think I am losing some weight woohoo!!

I feel a lot better too. No more sluggish sleepy feeling after lunch. I used to feel drowsy and low energy after eating chap fan even without the rice.

Here's a couple more. 

Meatballs with Stir Fried Broccoli and Roasted Yellow and Green Zucchini.

Pulled Pork with Coleslaw, leftover Roasted Potatoes (just 3 small pieces), Cucumbers and Cherry Tomatoes. Oh, I spotted two pieces of bacon among the potatoes. How did they get there? Hmmmm....

Same thing except no more potatoes. I added an egg and a dollop of that green stuff.

And when I get peckish in the afternoon, instead of looking for buns or snacks, I eat these.