Mango Pudding Sorbet Recipe

Love the Japanese bowls my cousins got me for Christmas!
Soooooo terribly sorry for the blogging hiatus the past two weeks!! I've been so uneasy too because I REALLY wanted to blog so bad but I can't. You see, my laptop for some reason decided to die all of a sudden last week so I haven't been able to use it since. Anyway, blogging has been incredibly inconvenient since I don't actually have a laptop with all the softwares to use.
Just to publish this post, my good friend, Ian, downloaded Adobe Lightroom for me on his laptop and then lent me his laptop for an entire day. JUST TO BLOG. What a great friend. And I guess I could only repay him the only way I knew how, which was to cook him the best damn bowl of instant noodles I possibly can, seriously... LOL.

Interesting but stunning colours, no?
ANYHOO, I got a whole box of Mangoes last week from Victoria Market for $15. It was exciting. I was really convinced to buy a box for the first time because almost every mango in there was perfect. Barely any blemishes, bruises and that sort of thing. Was surprised it was even on special. Also the first time I had the Whitebridge Mangoes,which seems to be the only type of mango still in season.
As soon as I got home, I decided to puree all the mangoes and then only decide what to do with it later. I've made Lassi and Pudding with mangoes sooooooo many times in the past and decided it was enough. So, I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook what their favourite Mango recipes were. Lots of interesting suggestions came up, including Mango Martini, Mango Pudding Ice-Cream, Mango and Prawn Fritters, and so on...

Ohhhh yes, please.
In the end, I decided to go with Shez (of One Bite More)'s suggestion to try her Mango Pudding Ice-Cream, because I liked the idea of making something I could freeze for later. BUT, I didn't have an ice-cream maker, so sorbet it is. Also, I really like the flavours of Mango Pudding (which is basically just good Mango Puree + Evaporated Milk) and thought it'd be interesting to have it this way. Wanted to add eggs into the recipe (so it tasted more like pudding) but couldn't be bothered because I want this recipe to be as simple as possible.
And I really liked how the flavours and texture turned out. At first, it felt like microshards of ice, (just as sorbet normally does), before it became the thick, smooth and creamy consistency of an ice-cream. I was quite intrigued and enjoyed it a lot. It seems like my friends who's tried it really liked it too, so I'm happy. Also, it just felt good to eat it because you never everything was totally homemade.
So, here you go. Uber simple, straight forward Mango Pudding Sorbet Recipe.
I've now gotta rush to my friend Grace's 21st Birthday. It's a costume party and everyone's gotta dress as something that starts with "G", and guess what I've decided to go as?....... GRAPH PAPER. Oh well, I tried and hope she still found it amusing ;p

Mango Pudding Sorbet Recipe(makes 2 litres)
3.5 cups of Homemade Mango Puree (see recipe below)1 can (375g) Evaporated Milk
Mix ingredients together in a blender of electric mixer. Once combined, pour into baking tray and freeze for about 4 hours. Once stiff, remove from freezer and scrape entire tray with a fork until loosened (good arm workout). Pop it back in the freezer.

You can repeat these a few times but I don't find it necessary with this recipe because it was frozen completely when I scraped it so shards came out fine enough.

To serve, let it thaw for about 30min and garnish with diced strawberries.

Hard work but totally worth it

Homemade Mango Puree Recipe
Mangoes only (no sugar, nothing. 100% pure is best)
Place mangoes in a pot and boil with high heat until thick and most water has evaporated. Remember to stir occasionally. Place mangoes in a blender and pulse till smooth. If you like, you can strain to remove fibers. Store in fridge for up to 4 days.