Maple Corn Fritters

It's true - I've decided to try and get a little bit more organized for the new year. However, this "organization" - which despite taking place at the beginning of the year, and despite being something of a promise to myself - is NOT a resolution.

(You see, JD and resolutions don't get along all that well...)

So, whatever it's called, my goal includes:
Cleaning up the study(AKA: small room that CH and I delusionally call "The Study" to make our apartment sound bigger)Recycling my growing collection of magazines/newspapersOf course, this includes saving/filing the good articles/recipes, too
Organizing my blog postingsSo far, this means instituting a weekly Saturday post for recipes that I've tried from other people's blogsInstituting my own "Pantry Challenge"In other words: grocery shopping less/not at all for a period of time, yet to be determinedThere you have it.

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