New Christmas Books For The Feast Of St. Nicholas {and A St. Nicholas Giveaway!}

"The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic God's giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves." - St. Nicholas of Myra
The feast of St. Nicholas is just three weeks from today! On December 6th our children always wake up to find that the letters they wrote to the Holy Child and/or St. Nicholas have been taken and their (sometimes new/replaced) slippers have been filled with little treats, oranges, chocolate gold coins, candy canes, and often times a note from St. Nicholas.

Our children (and teens!) have also always received a new Christmas book as well, which has helped us build an amazing collection over the last twenty years. It will be so great to pass each of their collections down to them when they eventually start families of their own. 

The darling wooden St. Nicholas toys in the pictures are from Naturally Catholic and Almond Rod Toys.  
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This year my husband and I picked out a chapter book as well for each of our teens/young adults as well. I can't even tell you how excited I am that we get to have ALL NINE of our children home for ALL of Advent this year for the first time! I'm trying my best to focus on the little blessings in the midst of all the extra struggles of this crazy year... 

From left to right for our five eldest in order:Finding God's Will for You, Meditations for Advent,Come, Lord Jesus, Catholic Christmas Cartoons and Gifts: Visible & Invisible

Here is the list of books we picked out for our children this year:

For Captain: 

The 12 Days o Yule: A Scottish Twelve Days of Christmas
"On the 1st day o Yuletide,
My true luve gied tae me,
A reid robin in a rowan tree."

Take a deep breath and prepare for a journey through all twelve days of Yuletide with a cast of skaters skooshin, lassies birlin, sheep a-shooglin and the all-important five gowden rings.

The stunningly beautiful illustrations bring this Scots version of the ever-popular Christmas song to life in vivid detail. Inspired by the traditional verse, this adaptation features easy-to-understand (and pronounce) Scots words and creatures, including hoolets (owls) and bonnie doos (beautiful doves).

For Ranger: 

The Spider Who Saved Christmas: A Legend
"Radiating the wondrous spirit of the season, The Spider Who Saved Christmas rekindles an ancient legend, casting new light on the story we thought we knew. Created by New York Times Bestselling Author Raymond Arroyo (with illustrations by Randy Gallegos), The Spider Who Saved Christmas spins the enchanting faith-filled tale of Nephila, a cave-dwelling spider who plays a pivotal role central to the Christmas story. This instant classic reveals the origin of Christmas tinsel and reminds us that hope can always be found even in dark places where we least expect it."
Note: My husband was a little hesitant over the illustrations in this book. He thought they were a little dark/scary for our younger children, but it's an excellent story about a traditional legend and we love supporting Catholic authors and publishers, so one of our older boys will be receiving this book! 

For Twinkle Toes: 

A Perfect Christmas(OOP - purchased second hand) 
"A Perfect Christmas reclaims the spirit of Christmas from the commercial secularized culture of the winter holidays that has almost obliterated the Christian meaning of the celebration of the birth of Christ. Author Dennis Eugene Engleman and illustrator Niko Chocheli have collaborated to restore St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) to his rightful place in the imagination of children, and perhaps their parents too! In this mystical and beautiful story, told in the classic manner of an Orthodox Russian folk tale, past and present collide as a modern child meets the real St.Nick. At the heart of this wonderful contemporary Christmas parable is a tale of compassion, shared love and family with a little of the real Saint Nicholas' life woven in, just enough to whet the appetite of the reader for more! The pages of A Perfect Christmas glow with the warmth of a bygone era when Christmas was filled with the mystery of the Incarnation, simple shared love, and grace." 

For Chiquita:

A Child's Christmas ABC Book: Angels in the Air Arrayed
"The wonder of Christmas and the magic of learning the ABC’s are beautifully combined in this lavishly illustrated new title from author/illustrator team Paul Thigpen and John Folley. In A Child’s Christmas ABC Book, Thigpen’s engaging verse about the birth of Jesus will delight young ears with its musical rhymes and alliteration. Folley's enchanting illustrations, rooted deeply in traditional sacred art, are sure to charm young and old alike.
From “Angels in the air arrayed” to “Zion’s king forevermore,” you and your child can explore the Nativity story from A to Z. The lovely artistry of this book's words and images will make it a Christmas family favorite for generations to season: how important it is to be surrounded by love."
I think this is my favorite of all the new books I purchased this year.I'll try and share additional pictures soon!


For Snuggles: 

The Soldiers' Night Before Christmas
"Inspired by the famous Christmas poem, "The Night Before Christmas," this picture book about Christmas in the Army is perfect for children of military families and anyone with loved ones serving overseas.
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the baseOnly sentries were stirring — they guarded the place.The soldiers were sleeping and snoring awayAs they dreamed of 'back home' on good Christmas Day...
One Christmas Eve at a military barracks in the Middle East, some homesick soldiers are paid a visit by Sergeant McClaus, the Santa of Soldiers. This lively and poignant tale is inspired by Clement C. Moore's classic yuletide poem."

For Rose: 

The Grumpy Old Ox
"This new children's Christmas book by bestselling author Anthony DeStefano tells the story of a mean-spirited, prideful old ox who has lost his sight both physically and spiritually but who nevertheless experiences the transformative power of God s grace after he is present at the birth of Jesus Christ in a humble stable in Bethlehem.
Illustrated by New York Times best-selling artist Richard Cowdrey, this new holiday book teaches children the true meaning of Christmas while explaining the central message of Christianity: that faith in Jesus leads us to resurrection and new life."

For Bud: 

A Little Camel for Baby Jesus

"No gift is too small for Jesus when it is given with humility and love.
Joel is seven years old and is the son of the Kings' stableman. With his Dad, he is traveling with the Magi as they follow the star to Bethlehem, to meet the newborn King. All of them are bringing very special gifts, such as gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But Joel is the only one in the caravan who isn't carrying a gift for the new King. Since he knows how to whittle wood, Joel decides to carve a little camel for the baby. Soon he discovers that his humble gift is more special than all the others."

For Grace: 

Where is the Baby King? Little flaps for little fingers!
"Telling the Christmas story to children for the first time ever is a privilege for parents and a gift to children. Where Is the Baby King?, the new hardcover book from Heather Henning and Alison Atkins, helps parents and teachers pass on this timeless story to their children and students with the help of bright illustrations and lift-the-flap images. This interactive book is an ideal introduction for children under five; colorful illustrations by Alison Atkins grab children’s attention, while Heather Henning’s storytelling is clear, simple, and memorable. Very young children will enjoy lifting the flaps and discovering new parts of the story, and as they grow older, they will grow in their understanding of the story behind the pictures. Thoughtfully laid out, concise, and durable, this book transforms an important educational moment into a hands-on adventure. Whether a child is hearing the Christmas story for the first time or just learning to read on their own, Where Is the Baby King? will help bring this story to life."

For Joy: 

The First Christmas Lift-a-Pop
"Share the story of the first Christmas with your little one! A classic story of The First Chrismas travels along with Mary and Joseph to the town of Bethlehem where baby Jesus is born. A simple story engages toddlers with lift-a-flap pages where they can learn and enjoy the traditional telling of Jesus's birth and the meaning of Christmas.Share the story of The First Christmas with your little one with this Lift-a-Pop board bookPerfectly sized for little hands and fingers to open and close the flapsChunky, sturdy flaps are extra strong so your little one can open and close the durable pop-outs repeatedly Surprise and delight your baby or toddler with this charming story featuring classic artwork and surprises under each flapSimple story as a first retelling to introduce the birth of Christ"

.: Giveaway :. 
Once again this year I will be hosting FOUR Advent and Christmas themed giveaways! Here is the first giveaway in preparation for the feast of St. Nicholas:

Prize #1 - Set of Five Cookie Stamps with Recipe Booklet 

(Includes: #001 - Santa Claus, #031- Noel Stocking, #317 - Old St Nick, #357 -Santa on the Rooftop, and #413 - St Nicholas) 
sponsored by Rycraft Cookie Stamps (combined value $64.95)

Congratulations, Janelle! "Thanks for all the gift and book ideas. You've done it again! "

Prize #2 - Collection of Martyr Stories for Teens and Children

For Teens: The King's Prey: Saint Dymphna of IrelandSaint Magnus the Last Viking: Saint Magnus of Orkney

For Children:
The Forgotten Christmas Saint: Saint Anastasia
Animals of God Volume 2 (includes a story of St. Thecla)
Saint Philomena Powerful Love Coloring Book

sponsored by author Susan Peek (value $61.00)
Congratulations, Laura Casey! "What a fun give away! I would love the collection of martyr stories for my kiddos. Great book recommendations, too! Thank you!"

Prize #3 - St. Lucy Special Edition Box

"A new Special Edition box for Christmas featuring St. Lucy. It has a gorgeous book on this popular saint, a beautiful statue and mug from "Little Drops of Water" and a chance to roll 100% beeswax candles! Fun and faith all inside with $4 donated to "Culture of Life Studies" from each box. Order by November 20th as quantities are very limited. Other surprises will be discovered in this box!"
sponsored by Saints Around the World (value $58.00)
Congratulations, Lymari Pate! "Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!"
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You are welcome to download my St. Nicholas labels over at Dropbox with either Black or Green text...

And here is the link to my original St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins and the updated version I created last year! (You can find another option, an adaptation this original idea of mine, over at St. Nicholas Center.I also just made an updated printable for this year which I will try and share soon!)

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