Revisiting Dark/Deep Winter

I'm glad that I recently experiemented with the bright winter shades - its lead me to consider Dark Winter as a very possible choice for me - I know for a fact that I have autumn influence, but also that I'm a 'neutral'.  Lately, I've discovered just how well I look in the deeper, more dramatic shades of burgundy, eggplant, mahogany etc - I can also wear black and grey shades very well.  I don't seem to do very well with the uber-bright pinks, but thats okay, because now I know that its strength of colour and 'depth' that I need - here is a little deep winter experiement that I've done:

And here are a few DW makeup photos that were taken of me in previous years - I think I may have just found my 'ideal' season:

In this photo I am wearing MAC's Fever blush with burgundy lipliner and Media Lipstick.  I think I mixed Coffee eyeliner (a dark brown) with Embark eyeshadow (a deep mahogany shade)

I love deep true red lipstick shades!

Here is Dark Winter makeup taken to the extreme - I recall wearing Media and applying it with a heavy hand - I love that I can handle the depth and contrast!
I am really liking the Dark Winter palette and I think I may have just settled onto a palette that may just be perfect for me!  Dark Winter is both deep, strong, rich - dominant winter, but still with a hint of Autumn - perfect!!!