Rimmel Kasbah Lipstick

If you're looking for that perfect Burnt Orange/Terracotta lipstick shade - look no further, Kasbah fits that desciption perfectly.  On my medium/warm olive skintone, this shade is actually quite naturall looking - it will probably be a deeper terracotta shade on someone with a lighter skintone, but if you fall into that warm, autumnal category, this shade will look amazing on you!!!  I kept the same makeup as my previous post, so there will be a contrast between the grey-plum smokey eye and the warm lip - I actually like the contrast, but will work on creating another makeup look with a very warm, bronzed eye and Kasbah lipstick! 

THese photos were taken without flash and with a lot of natural light.  I'm curious to see what this look would be like with gold accessories and warm toned clothing?