Smolder Eyeliner MAC

I have a fascination with eyeliners for two reasons - 1) They define the eye like no other makeup tool and 2) They can be smudged and literally transformed in another colour or effect simply by mixing in an eyeshadow colour. The more I've been reading about eyeliner shades (in particular in reference to the various seasonal types), the more I'm learning about how smudging in your favourite eyeshadow colour into your liner can literally change your 'makeup' life!!! For the dark/deep autumn, like myself, sometimes you get bored with the basic dark brown/black liner, so I've been mixing in various warm grey shadows and golden olive shades to smudge into my black liner and I'm in love with the effect - Since Smolder by MAC is one of my favourites, I decided to play around with the olive tones in the Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadow quad #10 - for this look I used the medium golden olive shade - I played up the new red/copper tones in my hair by using Coppertone blush my MAC and went with my new absolutely most favourite neurtral lip = Touch by MAC! Playing around with shadows and liner is such an amazing way of figuring out if a shade really works or if you're in the right season - you'll soon be able to pick up on when your eye pops and when it seems dull! My next experiment will be to try a bronze/gold with smolder and a red lip :)