Top Design Tips For Stair Riser Tiles

Decorative tiles are the perfect design accent for a stair riser. For a classic look use the same tile for all the risers. For a more bold statement, alternate the pattern used on each row or try using different designs on the same riser. Here's our top five ways to use hand-painted or decorative tile on stair risers.

Try using:

The same tile pattern on each row for a classic approach.
Stair Riser Tile Idea using the same pattern on each row

A different pattern on each row.
Stair Riser Tile Idea using a different pattern on each row

You can also limit your selection to just a few patterns and repeat the pattern every other row.
Different designs on the same riser. For instance, our Spanish tiles shown here are the Teruel, Alcala, and Andalucia. They look great next to each another on the same row.

Stair Riser Tile Idea using Alternate Patterns on the Same Row

Use different size tiles on different rows.
Stair Riser Tile Idea using different sizes on each row

Above, Caceres 3"x6" was placed on the top row, 6"x6" for the middle row, and 2"x2" dots for the bottom row. You can also be creative with sizes. Try using two rows of 3"x6" tiles instead of a single row of 6"x6".

Place the decorative tiles 'on point.' Or, Include a vertical or horizontal "spacer row" using a 2"x2" of the same design or in a solid color field tile.
Stair Riser Tile Idea using Different Patterns on Point

Be creative with your designs when using hand-painted or decorative tiles for stair risers. There aren't any 'strict design standards' to follow, except your own! Try different sizes, patterns and groupings. You can place them in a traditional grid pattern or on-point with field tile in a coordinating color. Get samples and and try various layouts until you find one that suits your sense of style.

Our slide show of stair riser installations has even more great design inspiration ideas for tiling stair risers!


Have a favorite? Of course you do! Let us know your favorite from our top five picks by leaving a comment. Or, share your own idea. There are few projects more fun than tiling stair risers!