Yesterday was still so bad with rain, the boss told us to stay home and not risk it.

They are still letting water out of reservoirs to prevent collapse but they now say they will flow over the top and flood even more homes.

Thousands more people still trapped and are being rescued into the darkness of night.

We had another 8"-12" of rain across the town.

A small sinkhole opened in a parking lot near the apartment.

The power went out for a bit (the first time).

There was an explosion at a building downtown 
(gas leak).

And, sadly, there is now a voluntary evacuation within a mile of the farm. 2nd Family has decided to stay, as the property is the highest in the area.

We're nervous about that.

Volunteering is rewarding but tiring...and government bureaucracy is a nightmare.

It was a long day.  

We feel like we're in a doomsday documentary.

Much needed sleep came early.

And today is back to work for me.

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