Homemade Wedge SaladHave you ever had a "Wedge Salad"?  

It's just as the name implies, a wedge of iceberg lettuce, some tomatoes and blue cheese dressing with bacon bits.  We pretty much do it the same way and it's so easy but so good.


1 head of iceberg lettuce
Bacon bits
Blue cheese dressing

Slice a head of iceberg lettuce into wedges by cutting it in half and then each in half again.  Put sliced tomatoes around the lettuce, we like to use sliced cherry tomatoes (these are a mix of heirloom varieties).  Pour some blue cheese dressing over the the wedge and tomatoes, sprinkle on some bacon bits (we usually keep fresh bacon bits in the fridge) and lastly we add fresh blue cheese crumbles as an extra topping.
Wedge Salad IngredientsThat's it, couldn't be much simpler.  We often have this for dinner...if we make it substantial enough, LOL.
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