What?? Big Breakfast Again???

This is another outing with my parents. Initially we planned to visit 2nd Floor Kitchen & [email protected] because I was so impressed after reading Kris' review. But alas, we could not get parking even after going a few rounds. So we gave up.
We had to settle for the next alternative. Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad [email protected] City Mall. My brother and I have been there before for a Chinese New Year meet up with our other brother and his family.
Just days before this, my brother sent me a text telling me that he revisited and enjoyed the big breakfast so much more than he did during that meet up. Well, that got me curious. 

We got there past 12pm and thankfully the place was quiet (good for us but not so good for the restaurant hah...hah...). I already had my mind made up (so did my brother, he loved the big breakfast so much and wanted it again) but my parents had a tough time deciding what to eat.
My dad found it confusing reading through the many many items in the menu. My mum asked for a suggestion and I picked the pork chops for her.
I wanted to get my dad a spaghetti aglio olio but my mum was not convinced that there is no cheese in the pasta. So to make things easy, I got my dad the big breakfast.

This is the aptly named big breakfast, the I'm So Hungry I could Eat a Wolf (maybe it should be pig).

My brother was so hungry he got himself an extra sausage.

This is my mum's Just Another Pork Steak. I tried a small piece and I thought it was very nice.

The restaurant has a buy-one-get-one-free coffee (stated on the menu). So my mum and my brother had the Cafe Latte. Since I also wanted coffee (Iced Coffee), my brother ended up with another cup of coffee, which I believe he did not mind.

I noticed my dad passing on some bacon to my mum. He also passed her the baked beans which he claimed was spicy (mine wasn't). 

My dad wanted something with lime but there wasn't any. So I got him the Iced Lemon Tea.

We were stuffed and could not take advantage of the buy-one-free-one cake promotion. I quite like the food here. Not top notch but good enough. Besides, the location is convenient for my brother and I.