You Asked: Storing Kitchen Storage Containers

It must be Tupperware season?  Or storage container season?  That's just the hint I am taking since I have gotten asked approximately 43 times in the last couple of weeks, "Where/How do you store your Tupperware?"

It's funny that the same questions come in waves sometimes.  I am still trying to figure out how that coincidence happens.  But for whatever reason, IHeart answering!  So thank you to all that asked, here is a super quickie post about the excitement that is, Storage Container Storage.

In all honesty, storage containers in the kitchen used to be a headache for us.  We tried to stack the containers with the lids on, we tried to just shove them all in the kitchen cabinets and not care.  I absolutely couldn't take the madness anymore.  Every time it came to storing leftovers or heating up some frozen veggies, containers and lids were a challenge to find.  May as well just sucker punch me.  It's the same feeling I get when I can't find what I am looking for...

And they all lived in one little itty bitty kitchen cabinet.....

And they still do, but now we can find what we are looking for, when we are looking for it!

The solution for us was a simple one.  I didn't color code or make things complicated.  I added a bin for the lids.

Sometimes I take organizing and beautifying over the top.  Sometimes.  But not every time.  In this case, I needed a quick and easy and painless solution.  And by adding a bin that I already had laying around the house, into the cabinet to wrangle all of our lids, I am able to nicely stack our containers and keep the lids at bay!

The lids are always fairly easy and quick to find, since they are not floating all over the insides of the cabinet.  And we are lucky to have a slide out shelf to really make it easy to grab and go!

The best part is it took less than 15 total minutes to get this cabinet under control, since I just took everything out, popped all the lids into a container {somewhat grouped by size}, and then put everything back in!

It's so simple to maintain, even our 10 year old helps with putting away dishes and preparing lunches and it still looks like it did last year when I made the quick change.

So there you have it!  How we store our storage containers.  Pretty exciting stuff right?  And who loves that it's also a "Got 15?" type of quickie project?  Those are my personal favs!

What other Storage Container Storage tips do you have for us?  Any other creative space saving solutions?